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New Year - New options to help your children Thrive!

Welcome to 2023!

We hope you have all had a fun, relaxing, and safe summer break and are ready for a new year of learning and growth!

We have some great news. We’re excited to announce a new option to our Thrive families. This year we are offering two-to-one tuition sessions in addition to our tried-and-true one-to-ones. We think that this alternative way of providing tuition will help meet the needs of even more students and their families.

Often students enjoy the company of another child as they learn – it encourages them and appeals to the competitive spirit of some children. We hope you’ll consider trying a two-to-one if you think it would suit your child. (They have the added advantage of being cheaper, as you’ll see below!) 

New options at Thrive:

One-to-one sessions (One student with one tutor)

  • 30 minutes @$40

  • 45 minutes @$57

  • 60 minutes @$72 (all the same prices as 2022) 

Two-to-one sessions (Two students with one tutor)

  • 45 minutes @ $45 per student

  • 60 minutes @ $57 per student

All our sessions are with qualified teachers.

Terms and Conditions can be found here on our website here. Please read these as some have changed.
Please feel free to contact Sara with any questions or to discuss which option may be right for your child on, on our website, or at 021 145 5401.
We are looking forward to a great year of learning with your child.

Happy New Year to you all! 
Nga mihi o te tau hou.