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Help Kiwi Kids Thrive

Thrive Tuition offers one-to-one tuition by qualified teachers in Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Otorohanga and online.

We have extraordinary success stories, with our results showing excellent improvements in our students’ academic outcomes and confidence levels. We want to extend our service to those who may not be able to access this type of educational assistance due to financial reasons. 

Currently, Thrive Tuition is sponsoring a number of students to receive learning support at no charge to the student and their family.
We would love your help in widening the scope of this project to reach more students.

We all know that there are a lot of needs out there, and we don’t want money to be a barrier.

Proud Sponsor

One of the students that we at Thrive Tuition sponsor is Maysa. Maysa is a year 5 student and is tutored by one of our wonderful teachers Pam. Together they have been working on Maysa’s number knowledge and strategies and Maysa is making fantastic progress! We believe that one of the biggest positives to come from one-to-one tuition is the improvement in confidence, and this is certainly the case for Maysa! 

Maysa is now enjoying maths, taking risks in her learning, trying new things and looks forward to working with Pam each week. The greatest reward for us, being Maysa’s sponsor, is that we know that we have been a part of helping a child develop a love of learning and when we see her confidence soaring it’s the best warm fuzzy feeling ever!

How we help our students thrive

One-On-One Lessons

One-on-one tuition allows the student to develop a relationship with their tutor. It enables them to gain confidence, promotes risk-taking in a safe environment.

Qualified Teachers

We have qualified early childhood, primary, and high school teachers who will help to foster a love of learning in all of our students, from age 4.5 years to Year 13. 

Promoting Confidence

Through our lessons, we are teaching students to become more confident in their learning and to promote risk-taking in learning.

Ready to get started?

Tuition to help you thrive

One-on-one tuition allows the student to develop a relationship with their tutor, this enables the student to gain confidence and take risks with their learning in a safe environment. 

More than good grades

Getting started

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply contact the team at Thrive Tuition and we can do a free assessment. From there we will work with you on a time thats suits your family.

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